On this page you create your mutant. Down below you will list his/her name, mutant ability, age, & profession.

Mutants Edit

Name: Tyler Marek

Gender: Male

Mutant Ability: Can cause solid objects to explode using his mind (however he cannot explode humans or any living beings.)

Age: 19

Profession: College Student

Created by: Paul "Jesus" Monroe

Name: Arthur Menter 

Gender: Male 

Mutant Ability: Can make inanimate objects move and do his bidding by placing small fragment of his mind in them 

Age: 12

Profession: Student 

Created by: Bloxxasourus 

Name: Micaela Harris

Gender: Female

Mutant Ability: Can make people and animals feel either intense pleasure or excruciating pain, manipulating them to her will.

Age: 17

Profession: Student

Created by: KatieTheAndreaFan

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