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Mutations Edit

A young boy is being taken into custody on charges of Mutantism filed by his own parents. The boy, Arthur Menter, not knowing why he's in trouble, starts to struggle and he touches one of the MRD officer's jacket which mutates and begins to nibble on the officer's skin, freaking him out. While the officer was distracted, Arthur broke free of his grasp and ran into the nearby forest, still in handcuffs.

Tyler is sitting in his college dorm room, one which he shares with another student, named Ryan, who is always at his girlfriends dorm. Tyler is just getting ready to head to class but notices a fight near the entrance.

Arthur, lost in the forest, alone, scared, and afraid continues to run deeper into the wilderness in order to escape the police who were not following him. He tripped on a root and fell down the hill and lands in the small stream.

Tyler is now outside of his dorm and walking towards the two students who are fighting, one of the students has a group of friends near by who start running over and assaulting the other student. Tyler then rushes at the students group of friends and begins punching one, a fatter student by the name of Lucas Kermen. Lucas punches Tyler twice knocking him down.

After touching the ground to prop himself up, it begins to move and personifies itself, bringing the ground to life and it begins to grumble and groan as different mushrooms and trees start to stir. Frightened by this, Arthur tries to get his handcuffs off by pulling on it with his index fingers but it just breaks itself free from Arthur's wrists and leaps into the stream. 

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